Pre-Audit Usage Assessment

Data vendors and exchanges are increasingly monitoring usage by its clients through formal audits and usage assessments. We recommend that clients fully assess this risk profile through our Pre-Audit Data Usage Assessment Program. A customized program leveraging resources steeped in executing vendor and exchange audits will help clients identify where the usage and reporting risk exists.

We will start by targeting the data vendors and exchanges that provide the most risk to the client. Then, we will deeply review usage and contractual obligations similar to best-practices employed by leading exchanges and vendors today in order to provide a detailed assessment.


This assessment will also take into consideration the adherence to reporting and declaration requirements, derived data usage and the rights associated with onward distribution of the vendors content.

After this assessment is completed, Investment Data Licensing Advisors will also leverage its experience and advise its clients with developing various data vendor and exchange negotiation strategies to minimize costs associated with any mitigation activities.

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