M&A Due Diligence & Advisory

“Buyers” exploring strategic transactions through either a merger with or acquisition of a data driven entity are confronted by new risks in the face of the evolving world of data and data driven products – and this places even greater emphasis on appropriate due diligence.

For example, on the surface the acquisition of a data provider may seem straight forward, yet countless issues could lie right beneath the surface. Even in high profile transactions with seemingly mature, stable businesses, we’ve identified situations where proprietary products were utilizing data that exceeded the license yet had gone undetected. Such scenarios present significant financial risk that needs to be mitigated before a transaction could move forward.

Investment Data Licensing Advisors has advised on many complex deals including eight very high-profile transactions. Our services include Due Diligence on:

• Deep dive analysis and identification of feasible data savings synergies

• Conducting third-party data usage and redistribution risk assessment with mitigation plans

• Integration planning and smart data vendor contract novations

• Post transaction third-party data cost synergy planning


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