Revenue Enhancing Distribution

Exchanges and data vendors continue to expand their data product reach in search of news sources of sustainable revenue growth. One example vendors and exchanges should explore is the development and implementation of a strong multi-channel distribution model coupled with sound commercial policies that distributors can effectively implement – which has enable numerous firms to boost revenue.

Investment Data Licensing Advisors can help its exchange and data vendor clients develop flexible and highly effective distribution policies to achieve these goals. Leveraging our extensive experience in developing best of breed distribution commercial policies and its broad distributor network experience, the team can guide and navigate its clients on a pathway of success.

From advising large global exchanges to even the smallest start-up data suppliers, Investment Data Licensing Advisors has the experience to help clients greatly enhance its revenue goals by broadening its data product reach beyond direct client delivery platforms. The team will work on developing a customized distribution strategy that includes:

  • Advising and developing effective and well tested commercial policies

  • Enhancing client reporting policies that more effectively monitor revenue

  • Leveraging new and highly effective distribution technologies

  • Identification of new distribution channels

  • Designing a strong vendor account management and support model

  • Promoting functional usage and derived licensing to assist its exchange and data vendor clients.


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