Revenue Enhancing Strategies 

Exchanges and data vendors continue to expand their data product reach in search of new sources of sustainable revenue growth. One strategy vendors and exchanges should explore is the development and implementation of a strong multi-channel distribution model coupled with business function based commercial policies which are proven mechanisms to boost revenue while maintaining strong customer relationships.

Investment Data Licensing Advisors helps its clients develop flexible and highly effective commercial policies to achieve these goals. Leveraging our extensive experience in developing best of breed commercial policies and our broad distributor network experience, we navigate a pathway to success.

Firstly, we leverage our proprietary yet highly adaptive business licensing model and then map to our client's current licensing and fee model to quickly identify immediate revenue opportunities.  We then explore the distribution network and channel requirements that can further assist in expanding our clients' customer access points. In fact, our distributor network cover over 370 distributors and media outlets that have proven to broaden not only our clients' distribution capabilities, but also greatly enhance their brand recognition globally.

In addition to helping our clients construct and implement the right "fit-for-purpose" commercial policies and distribution network, we also assist our clients with other revenue enhancing capabilities including:

  • Developing derived data licensing model that protect a data supplier's intellectual property

  • Enhancing client reporting policies that effectively monitor data usage

  • Introducing new and highly effective distribution technologies that further broaden a data supplier's capabilities

  • Designing and implementing a strong account management and support model to improve customer relationships


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