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As exchanges and data vendors endeavor to redefine their product offerings, one of the biggest challenges they face is precisely crafting an offering that will resonate with buyers. Meaningful insights from the buyer side on their true needs is essential. Buyers have blind spots for their organization’s complete data needs, and many lack an appreciation for how a vendor’s comprehensive offering can be optimized to reduce risk while underpinning their own products and services. Thus, they often times undervalue elements of an offering.

In addition, data distributors cannot create a thoughtful commercial policy without intelligence on how the client will use the data. Few clients will have appropriate reporting capabilities placing supreme importance on sellers’ ability to conduct accurate client usage assessments and perform thorough due diligence.

Having operated as both a consumer and distributor, Investment Data Licensing Advisors’ team is able to assist data vendors and exchanges with developing sustainable revenue growth models. We understand what buyers are seeking which enables us to assist vendors and exchanges with fine tuning offerings, how they are presented to buyers and how to negotiate effectively. We’ve also been on both sides of audits and usage assessments, which is invaluable for educating buyers on their actual usage and the risks they incur.  


Finally, for those suppliers exploring mergers and acquisitions activities, Investment Data Licensing Advisors is uniquely qualified in all aspects of data sourcing due diligence and post-transaction data cost and revenue enhancement synergies.  Our direct experience with transactions ranging from $5million to over $2billion has consistently delivered successful results.

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