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Few industries have experienced the growth in complexity as dramatically as the investment data licensing space. The rapid expansion of technology, vendors, regulation and data sources, types and sets presents firms with numerous challenges and risks.

Whether you are a consumer or a distributor of data or exploring a strategic transaction, Investment Data Licensing Advisors’ unique and unparalleled experience across a broad spectrum of data solutions can help you navigate this ever-expanding world of data. We have fostered relationships to create a multi-dimensional network of more than 370 individual data distributors from the largest global providers of market and reference data to niche providers of alternative data as well as media and retail distributors.

We leverage this experience and connectivity to provide investment managers with a comprehensive, integrated data solutions program that enhances risk management and reduces cost while optimizing data and reporting.

Similarly, our team’s experience on the distributor side includes our ability to counsel data vendors and exchanges with distribution programs that create sustainable growth.  

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